OMG! Family Reunion This isn't your ordinary family reunion
  • Let’s get the party started!

    September 7th, 2011Erica MartinGeneral

    Erica Martin here (Granddaughter of the Glauser clan, daughter to the Brewer clan, just with a fancy new last name.) I’m helping out by organizing an entire website dedicated to our marvelous family reunion.

    I know what most of you are thinking, family reunions are lame. But, add an OMG! in front if it and you have yourself an exciting shindig!

    Here’s what you can do to help: Create an account, log in to the site and write your own posts, comment on others’ requests…participate! I know my Aunties are trying hard to get everyone organized, so let’s help ‘em out so we can get this party started.

    Add a comment below if you have a question. I’m here to help :)


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  • Hi all! I am working on creating a logo. i am also getting some information together for printing in case we want t-shirts, etc. Will follow up soon!

    I think the website is great! Thanks daughter!

    I believe this will generate even MORE excited about our reunions!

    Tammy Brewer

  • Arrrr, me hearties, I say we pillage the island, drink all the rum, keelhaul the constable and split the swag.

  • This is great and I am sending it to all McCarthy family members.

  • First of all I want to thank Erica for putting the website together. I know as we talk she is continuing to add things to the website.

    Secondly, I hope by now everyone has figured out what the M & G stand for in OMG! But I have had a lot of people ask me what does the O stand for. So let’s start a Name the “O” contest. Any ideas?

    Third, we have a lot of “Glauser” talent at work, Erica did the website, Tammy is working on a logo, Shane is working on music (our own song if we are lucky) Vesper is our float builder. I imagine though there is a lot of McCarthy talent going to waste out there that would really increase the fun factor here.

    So here is the challenge to you McCarthy’s out there and any of you Glauser clan that I haven’t mentioned. What have you got?

  • The “O” should stand for “Ostentatious”

  • Oh my! The Ostentatious McCarthy Glausers? Or is it more like the Ostentatious Family Reunion?

  • Hey Captain C Leg, I get all the rest but just what is split the swag?

  • Ah me lass, Swag is what we pirates loot from lubbers at the point of our cutlass.

    Swag, (loot or booty) is divided as follows:

    Every Pirate gets equal amounts of all loot captured, except for the captain and the quartermaster who get twice as much, or any pirate who loses an arm or leg in a fight, he gets an extra half.

  • 1.Oceanside McCarthy Glauser Family Reunion.

    honorable mentions:

    Obnoxious (the crew likes this one)

  • “Swag” is the good stuff, the gold coins, the jewels, etc. Captain C Leg suggests we pirates all work together and split the Pirate Booty!

  • I do like Oceanside because that just makes sense! However, we do tend to get a little outrageous, obnoxious, ornery… no particular order…..when we get together (or tequila is involved) :)

  • See that’s what I’m saying!

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