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    September 26th, 2011laurenBirthday

    Yes, Amy, I had thought of that too.  We have 5 May Birthdays, Amelia, Leigh, Julia Jean Glauser (It will be her 21st B-day) Ryan (Dan’s son) Marylou (Dan’s cousin from Nantucket).   Going on in to May we also have Hunter James(Vesper’s son) and Roger (Dan’s brother-in-law).     I am hoping that we can think of something.    Hoping everybody can come early so there is plenty of “hang time.”

    Also I am going to learn how to put pictures with the post.  I want the families to get to know each other.


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  • LeighAmyAmeliaAva

    I figure once we have a plan figured out for each day and know when people will arrive/depart we can squeeze in a birthday brunch celebration or something on the beach perhaps?

    Would be glad to celebrate all and any family birthdays at the gathering. As far as Julia Jean goes I plan on helping her celebrate ALL weekend! ha! j/k! ;)

    so glad to be a part of this family! stay posted for more details on birthday celebrations…

    love to all!


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