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Happy MBS-iversary

Today is my one year anniversary working at MBS Textbook Exchange, but it definitely doesn’t feel like a year has gone by (time flies right?)

MBS Bound

I have accepted a new position as Web Developer at MBS Textbook Exchange, Inc., and I can’t wait to get started!

Don’t Give Up Tohoku, Japan!

Don’t Give Up Tohoku, Japan! is a fundraiser to help aid Japan disaster relief, specifically in the Tohoku prefecture…and I’m helping with the cause!


EDC just went on a company trip to Nashville, TN to participate in the ClimateTalk™ Alliance Spring member meeting, PLUS Kyle and I appended our own mini vacation to the trip!

Guinness Cupcakes

Cupcakes may not directly relate to design, but in the theme for St. Patrick’s Day, I would like to share my delicious recipe (featured on Check out the article.

Current Projects

I love keeping busy! I am currently working on site designs for Mike Trial and Operation Totally Buff. Plus, I’m putting the finishing touches on Dr. Glenn Washer’s website and AKA:yoLa.

A New Me, a New Design

I’ve gone from being a “Brewer” to becoming a “Martin”. Now, it’s 2011! I feel it only makes sense to update my website to reflect the new me.

Voices Interview

I was recently interviewed by Voices Daily, an online publication about successfull women in Mid-Missouri. The interview has been posted to their website: